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  • Do I want a lawyer to review a cofounder agreement before I sign it?
    Business formation My fellow cofounder sent me a 6 page cofounder agreement. While it may look fine to me, I am not experienced with this sort of thing. Should the...
    Answers: 1 Views: 75 Likes: 3 United States
  • How effective is an NDA in protecting small enterprises?
    Contracts Hi. Generally speaking, how effective are NDA agreements in protecting ‘David’ against ‘Goliath’ where a small enterprise is presenting an origina...
    Answers: 2 Views: 89 Likes: 4 United States
  • Patent protection
    Patents What kind of protection does an Australian patent give in other jurisdictions, if any? If the product is not patented yet in the UK (for example) c...
    Answers: 2 Views: 41 Likes: 3 Australia
  • What kind of NDA is best?
    Contracts We’ve been looking at different NDA’s and I have another question. As a new company talking to potential seed investors is there any reason we wou...
    Answers: 0 Views: 39 Likes: 0 Hong Kong
  • Seed funding document preparation
    Fundraising Can anyone give an idea which are the most important documents for a company in case they decide to raise seed funding? Do the investing companies ...
    Answers: 0 Views: 55 Likes: 0 Hong Kong
  • What are the merits of filing a patent before the end of the grace period?
    Patents I was told that for some patents you have a 1-year grace period before filing them. What would be the reason then to file for a patent before it is...
    Answers: 3 Views: 161 Likes: 3 United States
  • How can I publish and protect my board game idea?
    Other How do people usually approach publishing a board game? Is it better to start small or to approach a larger company to partner with? In either cas...
    Answers: 2 Views: 228 Likes: 6 United Kingdom
  • How does due diligence work for a startup's technology?
    Patents Suppose the main value of a startup is a breakthrough technology. It has no revenue, no customers besides early adopters and is purely living off V...
    Answers: 1 Views: 108 Likes: 2 United States
  • Determining which Law Firm Worked on a Particular Patent Application
    Patents I have invented a secure computing platform that has a large cryptographic component to it and am preparing to apply for patents on my invention. ...
    Answers: 3 Views: 199 Likes: 9 United States
  • withdrawal of provisional
    Patents Can we withdraw provisional application after publishing of the Complete application?
    Answers: 2 Views: 133 Likes: 3 India