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  • What happens to the IP when the company is shut down?
    Copyright A startup I know was recently closed down by its investors. What happens to the technology that the startup had developed in this situation? I pres...
    Answers: 2 Views: 30 Likes: 0 United States
  • How to Sell an Incomplete Mobile App???
    Other Hello, IPnexus viewers. I hired an app developer to create a Mobile App Game, however, he and I were not seeing eye to eye. I am left with an Incom...
    Answers: 1 Views: 72 Likes: 0 United States
  • Do I need to create two companies to distribute an app to USA and Argentina?
    Business strategy I have been working on a simple application that I will offer for free with built in advertising. I am based in the USA and want this app to work f...
    Answers: 0 Views: 11 Likes: 0 Argentina
  • Standard Terms for 50/50 founders
    Business formation I'm in the process of starting up a business with one of my better friends: 50/50. I'm the tech - he's the business. I truly believe in the idea...
    Answers: 0 Views: 20 Likes: 0 Canada
  • IP of closing startup
    Contracts Me and my co-founder are about to dissolve our startup company. We have 50-50 partnership and completely self funded. We would like to go our separ...
    Answers: 2 Views: 130 Likes: 4 United States
  • How should we do market research without compromising our IP?
    Business strategy We have developed a prototype AR device that is built for professional design and manufacturing applications. We would like to field-test the devic...
    Answers: 2 Views: 112 Likes: 1 United States
  • Are stock options a smart choice?
    Employment Generally, are stock options the smart way to go, or is a new (not well off) employee better asking for straight compensation according to the rol...
    Answers: 1 Views: 121 Likes: 1 United Kingdom
  • Prior art considerations
    Patents What do we need to consider relating to ‘prior art’ if we decide to publish information about our product before patent application? Is it OK to d...
    Answers: 2 Views: 140 Likes: 4 Hong Kong
  • Protecting our IP
    Contracts How does it work for IP if someone in the team is part time only? Can we require they don’t also work for a similar competitor company in their con...
    Answers: 1 Views: 120 Likes: 2 Hong Kong
  • Should we consider crowdfunding?
    Business strategy Does anyone have any experience with crowdfunding campaigns? Are these a good alternative to seed funding for health/fitness hardware in the UK? I...
    Answers: 1 Views: 263 Likes: 1 United Kingdom