How can we protect our information contacting an investor?


Hello, we want to send pitch documents including a business plan, some financial information and some technological clarifications regarding our product to a VC who has expressed interest in our startup. Is it smart to give that much information to a potential investor?

We are especially interested in how our Intellectual Property would be at risk. How can we minimize our exposure if an NDA is not really an option?

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Patent Attorney

From the technological perspective, it is not advisable to disclose your product before filing a patent application. Most disclosures typically preclude you from obtaining protection (patent or design) for the product later down the road. An NDA would help keep details of your product confidential. There is a real risk that you would be precluded from obtaining protection for your product, particularly if you are providing "technological clarification" on your product, if an NDA is not put in place.

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