How to Sell an Incomplete Mobile App???


Hello, IPnexus viewers. I hired an app developer to create a Mobile App Game, however, he and I were not seeing eye to eye. I am left with an incomplete app. I would like to sell it. How would I go about that? I tried to sell it through Flippa and other similar sites, but you need a URL which I do not have since the Game is far from complete. What should I do? Thank you so much.

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Patent Attorney

While incomplete, the game and/or its components may be subject to copyright or patent protection which, while perhaps not memorialized in a federal filing, can still be collectively itemized, transacted, and assigned pursuant to a proper agreement. The arrangement (or agreement) you had with the now-departed developer may be the primary concern, however, particularly any terms therein concerning who owns the rights to the app (e.g., the "Work Product") despite its incomplete nature. It will be advisable to discuss the state of your rights in and to the App with local IP counsel and, if you have the appropriate rights, you may be able to offer the App for sale here on IP Nexus.

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