Determining which Law Firm Worked on a Particular Patent Application


I have invented a secure computing platform that has a large cryptographic component to it and am preparing to apply for patents on my invention. I am looking for a firm with an IP practice that has experience in the area of cryptography and secure computing-related patents. One approach I had in mind for finding such a firm would be to search for closely related existing patents and approach the firms who worked on those patents. However, it appears that only the inventors and assignee's are listed on the applications. Is there a way to determine which law firm (when applicable) worked on a particular patent? Alternatively, if someone can recommend a firm with expertise in this area I would be appreciative.

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Steven weinrieb
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While it is true that attorneys/agents/law firms are not usually printed upon published patent applications, they are always printed upon issued patents. So if you can in fact find existing patents which correlate closely to your technology, the particular attorney/agent/law firm should be noted thereon.
If you look on the front page of the patent, in the upper right region, the examiner's name will appear as well as the attorney/agent/law firm that prosecuted the application.

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Thank you for posting your question on IP Nexus. You can search for specific expertise by entering ‘cryptography’ or similar search terms on our Directory. This will provide a shortlist of lawyers, patent attorneys etc. specialising in your area.

You can also see associated law firms on ’Patentfield’ patent search database for US and Japan

Thank you again for using IP Nexus. We hope you find these resources useful.

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Also, please simply "interview" the firm/ agent/ attorney who you may hire for their level of expertise. Firms have turn over, and the attorney who worked on a crypto case may no longer be at the firm. Ask them detailed questions.

Hope this helps,

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