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  • Global Trademark Process
    Trademark Please I need to get a global trademark for a client. Can anyone kindly walk me through the process and cost implication. Also as a Legal practitio...
    Answers: 4 Views: 1048 Likes: 5 Nigeria
  • Tax rules for new startup
    Tax I want to incorporate my startup in California. What are the applicable tax laws I should note about starting up? Does the government treat startup...
    Answers: 0 Views: 829 Likes: 0 United States
  • Uploaded user data
    Copyright I want to allow the users to upload (or fetch from a service) an image to go with their blog post. Are there any implications for me if they put th...
    Answers: 1 Views: 1171 Likes: 1 United States
  • Legal documents for foreign co-founder
    Business formation CA single member LLC brings in a co-founder/developer. We are both non-US citizens and living in the EU. Is it possible to add a co-founder to a...
    Answers: 0 Views: 822 Likes: 0 United States
  • What is the process of tech due diligence for a startup acquisition?
    Business strategy Suppose the main value of startup A is a breakthrough technology that no one has figure out yet. It has no revenue, no customers and purely living ...
    Answers: 1 Views: 1514 Likes: 1 United States
  • Using potentially patented tech in a complex hardware/app product
    Patents We are developing a new kind of monitoring device which will integrate into a smart home security system. Our product is the whole security system,...
    Answers: 2 Views: 1125 Likes: 4 United States
  • When is it a good idea to change your lawyer?
    Business strategy The law firm we have been working with so far doesn't seem to have a lot of experience in working with other startups. It also seems like they requ...
    Answers: 3 Views: 1034 Likes: 2 United Kingdom
  • Can I register the name of an app before the app is finished?
    Trademark Since I want to create a brand for selling my self-designed items, I'm planning to create an app with the same name to promote them. The app wil...
    Answers: 3 Views: 1372 Likes: 9 United States
  • Building music databases
    Copyright We are a building an exercise/health app that will include music and videos. To build a strong feature, we want to make as much music accessible as...
    Answers: 1 Views: 1171 Likes: 1 United States
  • How should we handle shares when co-founder leaves?
    Business operation Hi! My co-founder has decided to leave the company after only one year of working together and pre-money. We don't have a vesting agreement or anyt...
    Answers: 1 Views: 1313 Likes: 2 United States