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  • Approach to take over a patent?
    Patents My colleague's contact has a patent on a simple and easy to produce health related accessory. The patent owner can't continue with their plans to ...
    Answers: 3 Views: 1319 Likes: 5 United Kingdom
  • Do we need a trademark?
    Trademark My business partner and I have a company providing services for architects and have just rebranded under a new name .Do we need to formally registe...
    Answers: 4 Views: 1350 Likes: 8 United Kingdom
  • legal requirements for our website
    Litigation It seems like there are big differences between the legal requirements of different countries for websites, like legal info/imprint, terms & condit...
    Answers: 1 Views: 1160 Likes: 2 United States
  • How do we decide where to form our company?
    Business formation What are the most important drivers for deciding where to form a company? We are a virtual team US, Germany, UK. Health and fitness gadget. Product...
    Answers: 2 Views: 1185 Likes: 3 United States
  • Which legal documentation do I need to launch a startup?
    Business formation I'm launching a startup based in France. For now the business will focus on fintech software development with a team of five. What kind of legal do...
    Answers: 1 Views: 921 Likes: 2 France
  • Summary without author permission on website for commercial gai.
    Copyright German & EU IP lawyer & member given fair usage principles, and Germany's IPR laws, how is managing without publishers permission d...
    Answers: 1 Views: 1322 Likes: 3 Germany
  • Does partial phrase count as infringement?
    Trademark I have started a new business and now that I have customers, I am formalizing our brand name. I'll use fake words, but the real ones match the pat...
    Answers: 2 Views: 3074 Likes: 4 United States
  • Is it legal to build an app that is built on top of another company's software?
    Infringement I would like to develop an app that will allow users of a very popular social media iOS/Android app to enhance their user experience. To do so, I'm...
    Answers: 2 Views: 1326 Likes: 2 United States
  • What kind of privacy/data protection rules do we have to implement?
    Hello, we are located in the UK with early users in Europe and a broad potential user base in Europe, US and Asia. Especially with regards to Brexi...
    Answers: 2 Views: 945 Likes: 2 United Kingdom
  • Requirement to Using APIs
    Copyright in the bid to commercialize a project using the following APIs 1. iText Java PDF API. 2. Apache POI 3. Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for ...
    Answers: 0 Views: 853 Likes: 0 Nigeria