Podcast with Craige Thompson - A Patent Strategy In The US For Capturing Improvements Of An Invention After Filing The First Patent Application


Here is a phone interview with Craige Thompson from Austin, Texas.

Craige is a Patent Attorney since the year 2000, and before that, he worked for 10 years as a professional engineer in electronics design.

Craige has written a very practical book, the “Patent Offense: 7 Steps to a Safe, Secure Patent Portfolio”. You can purchase it here.

Craige and I had a friendly chat over the phone when we started to speak about the America Invent Act 2013. I asked him whether we can switch on recording and he said yes, and what you hear in the following is our 20-minutes talk: click this link.

Show notes of the recorded session:

00:50    The AIA 2013 came into force

04:50    How to best secure IP rights for a series of inventive concepts in a product development cycle

07:00    The Seven Step process for new inventions

11:00     Patent strategy in the US for capturing improvements of an invention after filing the first patent

14:45     Solving disputes with creative licensing

16:00     Potential disadvantages of a cumulative patent filing strategy and to counter them

19:30     Patents for business methods

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