How To Strategically Allocate Your IP Budget In Asia


I was again invited to speak before the New York City chapter of the International Intellectual Property Society (IIPS).

I talked about what is Asia, and where to file and litigate patents and trademarks. The result was a rare comparative overview, useful for strategic purposes.

You can download the slides for the talk here: IIPS NY Asia talk SE Asia 160519

Below is a video recording of my talk.

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Show Notes

  • Example: counterfeit hearing aids in Singapore
  • Why Asia?
  • What Changed The World Recently? T-TIP and TTP abolished.
  • Singapore┬┤s position between the USA and China
  • The Asian century is about to begin
  • Some geographic facts about Asia, especially about SE Asia
  • SE Asia as a trade target and the Pareto Principle
  • Trademark strategy in SE Asia
  • Patent strategy in SE Asia
  • IP value analysis for SE Asia
  • World-wide IP value analysis

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Martin Schweiger

Patent Attorney