The importance of Community Trademarks


The Community trademark instituted with Regulation no. 40/94 of the EC Counsel, since April will apply Regulation no. 2015/2424, allows to obtain with a single application a trademark valid in all the territory of the European Union. The Community trademark is a single title in the sense that it can be registered, assigned, withdrawn, declared null or expired and the use thereof can be banned only for the whole Community and not for the single states. Legitimated for the registration of a Community trademark are the natural persons having citizenship or domicile in a member state, the legal persons having their registered office or a stable organization in a member state and also the natural or legal persons having citizenship, domicile, registered office or a stable organization in one of the states adherent to the Paris Convention or to the Agreement that institutes the World Trade Organization (GATT). This system of registration coexists with the system of registration of national and international trademarks according to the Madrid Agreement.

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