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    Didem Betul Eren

    Lawyer IP Lawyer from Turkey Trademark Attorney Patent Attorney Registered Expert at Istanbul IP Courts

  • 30873dc

    Hajime Fujita

    Patent Attorney Current: A professional patent attorney in Japan, specialized in Machine Learning and various informa...

  • 4e4f4a7b1e

    Daniel Rafferty

    Business Consultant • SPARK Advisor at Stanford University School of Medicine • IP asset and technology transfer manageme...

  • C79fd9f014

    Fritz Wetzel

    Patent Attorney Partner, Patentanwalt, European Patent Attorney Scheele Wetzel

  • Ab09ce5814

    Larry Nelson

    Engineer We provide Expert Witness and Forensics Services to investigate equipment failures. We determine root ...

  • Ab6d4136fa

    Philip Barnes

    Patent Attorney Experienced UK and European Patent Attorney with in-house experience in the defence industry and signi...

  • Feba1f9f47

    Shehzad Awan

    IP Consultant I am an IP attorney in Pakistan having more than 10 years of experience in IP laws. I am the founder a...

  • 366e4ea660

    Maribel Rico

    IP Consultant Biomedical/ Biotech Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution. Searching - Novelty, Inventive Ste...

  • Img 4927

    Rick J. Reyneveld

    Lawyer Niche lawyers office in IP, media, internet and privacy matters. International business and licensing ...

  • 654f1e0651

    Virginia Nichols

    Patent Attorney I am experienced at patent, trade mark and design prosecution and maintenance, as well as rights enfor...