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  • S johnson photo

    Stephen Johnson

    Business Consultant I've been creating applications and supporting legal materials for a number of years, both independent...

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    Senthil Kumar

    Patent Agent An experienced patent agent and trademark agent with Indian patent office [IPTO] and having vast exper...

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    Vanina Joulin Batejat

    Business Consultant Over fifteen years of experience as an International Senior Level Management Executive and trusted Cor...

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    E N

    Patent Attorney x

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    Elena Polosmak

    IP Consultant Managing Partner at Crane IP Law Firm. IP Specialist with more than 10 years experience.

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    Elena Polosmak

    IP Consultant Our Firm provides a full range of Intellectual property rights protection services (trademarks, pate...

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    Ivan Nikitchenko

    Other Consultant Founder&CEO at Crane IP Law Firm

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    Nothing Nothing

    Lawyer Nothing

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    Bill Wright

    IP Consultant I am an innovative thinker, with broad-based expertise and proven abilities in the intellectual proper...

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    Jerry Bloom

    Subject Matter Expert As a telecommunications solutions executive with a proven track record serving variously as CEO, CTO, ...