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    Fouad El Saddi

    Lawyer I am a business lawyer, partner in a law firm in Beirut and in a regional network of law firms coverin...

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    Marnix Moens

    Patent Attorney Marnix background is industrial and civil engineering in chemistry. Having held positions within Proct...

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    Tom Bell

    IP Consultant I am a engineer, entrepreneur and author and trainee patent attorney, having had significant involveme...

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    Brian Berman

    Patent Agent Brian Berman is VP of Sauvegarder Investment Management. Sauvegarder Investment Management is a multi-...

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    Maike Bellmann

    IP Consultant Formalities Officer - Intellectual Property

  • Bbbeea3af5

    Sebastian Jimenez

    Subject Matter Expert Dr. Jiménez has more than 20 years of experience in the field of medicine. His work has been focused o...

  • Thomas dienwiebel

    Thomas Dienwiebel

    Patent Attorney German Patent Attorney - European Patent Attorney - European Trademark and Design Attorney - United St...

  • Takatoshi ishikawa

    Takatoshi Ishikawa

    Lawyer Managing Director, Legal & Intellectual Property Licensing iPS Academia Japan Co., Ltd.

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    Jean Jacques de Jong

    Patent Attorney Patent attorney qualified before the French and European Patent Offices, also passed the US Patent Off...

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    P H

    Patent Attorney qq