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    Kevin Clark

    IP Consultant Kevin B. Clark earned his Ph.D. from the Biopsychology of Learning and Memory/Brain and Cognitive Scie...

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    Martin Schweiger

    Patent Attorney Schweiger & Partners, Munich-Singapore

  • Lawrence lau

    Lawrence Lau

    IP Broker I am an experienced intangibles broker specializing in IT/IP/ID law, providing professional services i...

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    Natascha Clausen

    IP Consultant IberianIP is a boutique founded by professional experts among whom are Lawyers, European Patent and Tr...

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    Puneet Singh

    IP Consultant Puneet has a rich and diverse work experience working with clients from blue chip companies and IP law...

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    Tsung-Yuan (宗原) Shen (沈)

    Lawyer TsungYuan Shen is a qualified attorney practicing in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (patent...

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    Dirk Caluwaerts

    Trademark Attorney Scientific generalist, Trademark Attorney and works together with Patent & Design Attorneys at Bureau ...

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    Alvaro Ramirez Bonilla

    Lawyer Alvaro Ramirez Bonilla is the managing and founding partner of B&R Latin America, he has more than 15 ...

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    Mathilde Carle

    Lawyer I am an IP lawyer, practising since 2009 in the fields of copyrights, trademarks, designs and more gen...

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    Kenji Tanaka

    Engineer Subject Matter Expert: Kenji Tanaka received the BE degree in mathematical engineering, the MS degr...