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  • Noric d

    Noric Dilanchian

    Lawyer Business lawyer + IP, IT, digital media & commercialisation specialist for 30 years. For client in...

  • Tsukamoto

    Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

    Engineer 1, Over 30 years working history for the u.s. based global IT companies as a service professional in T...

  • Head shot 2014 1

    Irene Keselman

    IP Consultant Performance and quality driven, forward-thinking and resourceful operations manager with a focus on IP...

  • K8roamhi 400x400

    Naveed Akhtar, PhD, PE, CEng, MIET, AMIChemE

    Engineer Naveed has spent over 17 years of his life in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell related activities, having worked...

  • 07f1b55

    Pim van Meurs

    Subject Matter Expert Give me a challenge and I will use my skills, or develop new skills to tackle it. I do not shy away fr...

  • Joseph zito

    Joseph Zito

    Patent Attorney If someone has stolen your idea, infringed your patent or copied your intellectual property,...

  • 9a232d097b

    Paola Correal

    Lawyer Commercial lawyer with Administrative skills

  • 0c8b98b

    Kodai Kimura

    Lawyer  Kodai Kimura has focused on intellectual property from day one of his career, and currently works wit...

  • D66817c917

    Vutthy Ouch

    Arbiter/Mediator ln replying to business disputants and litigants' demands with an Expertise-Benefit-Resolution, three ...

  • 32122efc83

    Eric Achu Ndangoh

    Engineer I am a Mechanical Engineer from Liverpool University, England and an Agro - Industrial Equipment Engin...