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  • S johnson photo

    Stephen Johnson

    Business Consultant I've been creating applications and supporting legal materials for a number of years, both independent...

  • D h williams picture

    David Williams

    Subject Matter Expert David Hilliard Williams is an internationally-known expert in the wireless/mobile communications field...

  • Steven weinrieb


    Patent Attorney Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Design Patent Application Preparation and P...

  • Aea874c95b

    Imran Siddiqui

    Engineer Intellectual Property Professional - Examiner at CIPO

  • 8008ac273a

    Syeda Umaira Iqbal Raza

    IP Consultant A corporate lawyer and litigation attorney having the diverse experience of starting my career from a ...

  • 8f49d985d1

    Nathaly J. Vermette

    Lawyer I am a business lawyer and trademark agent with a Masters degree in IP law. I specialize in trademark ...

  • D05ffa5446

    Stefano John

    Patent Attorney Managing Director at Jinn IP

  • Efd4ced396

    Harris Fulo

    IP Consultant Intellectual Property Rights Specialist III at Intellectual Property Office of Philippines Chemist ...

  • 7327f4512a


    Patent Attorney A Global Standard in IP for a Competitive Entrepreneurial World BILL HULSEY LAWYER - PATENT - IP - ...

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    Luiz Felipe Oliveira

    Lawyer Luiz Felipe Oliveira practices intellectual property and government contracts bid protest litigation i...