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    Luis G. Ramirez V.

    Lawyer Practicing for more than 10 years in Mexico and the United States of America, have represented U.S. an...

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    Deniz Güngör

    Lawyer Deniz is the founder of and Attorney at Law at Güngör Law Office, which has extensive experience in bu...

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    Martin Schweiger

    Patent Attorney Schweiger & Partners, Munich-Singapore

  • Steven weinrieb

    Steven Weinrieb

    Patent Attorney Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Mechanical Searching - Novelty, Infringemen...

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    Sherry Schacht

    Other Consultant Corporate Specialist

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    Kodai Kimura

    Lawyer Practice Areas Intellectual Property/Art Law/IT/Entertainment, Employment Law, Dispute Resolution, ...

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    Tsung-Yuan (宗原) Shen (沈)

    Lawyer TsungYuan Shen is a qualified attorney practicing in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (patent...

  • Gerry elman

    Gerry Elman

    Patent Attorney With 47 years of varied experience as a practicing attorney, he is also a widely published author on t...

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    Akeem Famuyiwa

    IP Consultant Eight years ago I ventured into the world of medical research to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Phar...

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    Juan de la Cruz García

    Lawyer Well rounded executive with commercial management experience, solid expertise identifying and capturin...