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  • 5cb5cc8e09

    Mary Aversano

    Lawyer Attorney with experience in all aspects of domestic and international trademark law including clearanc...

  • 8fbf954890

    Jon Pfeiffer

    Lawyer Jon Pfeiffer limits his practice to the following niche areas where his knowledge and experience e...

  • D50c0b8989

    Hiroshi Higuchi

    Patent Attorney Hiroshi Higuchi is a founder of Allegro IP Law Firm, which was established separating from a long esta...

  • 7327f4512a


    Patent Attorney A Gold Standard in IP for a Competitive Entrepreneurial World BILL HULSEY LAWYER - PATENT - IP - R...

  • Tsukamoto

    Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

    Engineer 1, Over 30 years working history for the u.s. based global IT companies as a service professional in T...

  • F25f9eb24b

    Gabriele Scafati

    Lawyer Stelé Perelli Studio Legale member of Brandi Partners - Lawyer

  • 0dcb99a190

    Gary Monka

    Patent Attorney Patent attorney with 20+ years of experience in patent portfolio management and development, patent pr...

  • 78d655465f

    Afshin (Mehdi) Zamanpour

    Patent Agent I am highly skilled in preparing patent applications in semiconductors fabrication, medical devices, n...

  • Juan pable rey bustamente

    Juan Pablo Rey Bustamante

    Lawyer Abogado, con amplia experiencia en el sector del derecho comercial, y empresarial. Experiencia en t...

  • Nilesh pandit

    Nilesh S. Pandit

    Patent Attorney About 18 years of professional experience, I am an Indian Patent Attorney [Registered (IN/PA-978)]; ha...