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    Fabio David

    Translator Fabio David (LLB) is a Medical-Legal, Financial/ Business, Scientific/ Industrial, Economic/Political...

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    Jennifer Dinopol

    Lawyer Intellectual Property Specialist

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    Tsung-Yuan (宗原) Shen (沈)

    Lawyer TsungYuan Shen is a qualified attorney practicing in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (patent...

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    Katarina Hroncekova LL.M

    IP Consultant IP Professional having recently relocated to Slovakia, Bratislava from London. Experience in IP prosec...

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    Alejandro García Manic

    Lawyer Early graduated lawyer. Sound formation and experience in other areas, such as business analysis, deve...

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    Michael Michalczyk

    IP Consultant Results-orientated Research Director and scientist with 26 years of experience in the chemical industr...

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    Ángel Luis Hidalgo Castro

    IP Consultant iGlobax is an IP consulting agency that specializes in advising, registering and monitoring patents an...

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    Franco Oriti

    Trademark Agent In the IP field since 1991. Your Ideas transformed into Inventions and Intellectual Property in CH ...

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    Willy Wong

    Patent Attorney Visit us online at Minder Law Group principal patent attorney Willy Wong is regi...

  • Michael craner

    Michael Craner

    Patent Agent Technology executive with significant experience in cutting-edge systems development, integration, dep...