Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

IT pro.




  • Dec 19, 2014


  • Imabari, Japan

    Active Country

  • English, Japanese


  • Patents

    Practice Areas

  • Electrical Engineering & Electronics



1, Over 30 years working history for the u.s. based global IT companies as a service professional in Tokyo and 3 years in Cupertino, CA.
2, Around 5 years experience as an IP researcher for the Japanese/U.S. IP market.
3, English -> Japanese patent translator

Work history

1. I Buy Tech Patents LLC 2008 Jan. – 2010 Jan
Run a hi-tech patent (semiconductor, IT, FPD) transfer brokerage company with partners in US.
• Research and investigation of domestic patents and related U.S. patents using PDL, espacene and a patent licensing database.
• Negotiate a deal with a patent owner based on IP due diligence.

2. PM Global, Inc, 2006 Jul. – 2007 Aug.
In this Global IT consulting firm, experienced following items.
• Marketing and business development
• Plan and deliver an IT project management-training course to a major trading company.
3. Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. 1986 Jul. – 2005 Oct.
(Joined Tandem Computers Japan in 1986, Merged with Compaq in 1997, DEC in 1998 and then Hewlett-Packard Japan in 2002)
•As an engineer/director, experienced maintenance duties for a large scale IT server system.

•For three years, worked continuously to develop solutions for many escalated issues regarding products and services from Japanese clients as a HQ residence liaison.

•With a factory, HQ design and development groups in U.S., promoted quality and functional improvement project based on the Japanese customer demands.

•Sales support through a customer satisfaction improvement activities

•Manage own section (Service revenue: $49M, 28 staff)

•Manage the post-merger integration office after the large size service division M&A (HP and Compaq) as a head of PMI.

4. NCR Japan Corporation  
•Joined NCR Japan as a field support engineer and maintained NCR mainframe computer in various customer sites.

Education and qualifications

Seikei University Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
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