Ramandeep Singh

Director & CEO at Rucapillan IP




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  • Jan 27, 2016


  • New Delhi, India

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I am that individual who is ready to take risk to fulfill his dreams. By education I am an Engineering Graduate majors in Electronics & Communication, by profession and by heart - An Entrepreneur. I always say If you settle for "good" then you will never get "best".

People who knows me, know me of different capacities. Some know me as friend, some as colleague, some as philosopher, some as solutionist, some as partner, some as learner and some as a mentor but I know myself as a good human-being who values the relation or person more than ego. I value everyone in my life because everyone teaches me something in my life. I have learned friendship, care, hard-work, smart-work, business, behavior and a lot of knowledge which is not available in books.

I always wants to share what I have learned in my life through experiences. I have heard if you learn from your mistake, you are good but if you can learn from other`s mistakes then you are best.

I am starting my new phase of life as Entrepreneur. I believe I will succeed. Because when we believe then we can achieve.

Work history

Rucapillan IP, Director & CEO

Finally a dream come true for me. In my interview, I used to ask where you see yourself in 5 years. That`s was and is always my answer. I want to be an entrepreneur. Today I am an entrepreneur. I am starting a new journey.

I am working as Director & CEO of Rucapillan IP. The company was founded with my long-time friend and colleague. The belief behind this company is to bring the transparency and value for money in intellectual property business. We want to bring transparency by doing what is said to be done and give the value of every penny client paid for the work. My experience of working with multiple individuals in different companies let me learn multiple ways of doing a single task. I believe that is my strength. Regarding weakness, I am working on those.

My firm cater to all services related to Intellectual Properties, primarily into:-
1. Patent Research
2. Technology Research
3. Market Research
4. Standard Mapping/Essential patent determination
5. Trademarks
6. Non-Patent Search

I as firm works on different subject domains but truely myself have worked in all domain listed below. Those who works with me knows that. The domain in which I am not comfortable is not in the list.
1. Automotive , Transport and Power sports
2. Bio-medical engineering
3. Clean/Green technology
4. Communication Technology
5. Construction, Fabrication & method
6. Consumer electronics
7. Database systems
8. Electronics & Semi-conductor
9. Financial services & Business method
10. Food & Beverages
11. Health-care information technology
12. Image processing
13. Low-power microelectronics
14. Mechanical engineering
15. Media & Entertainment
16. Medical Devices & procedure
17. Mobile and network system
18. Nano-technology
19. Optics
20. Restaurant & Hospitality
21. Signal processing and systems
22. Software and information technology
23. Sporting goods & recreation
24. Surgery and & Medical devices
25. Wireless and sensor network

Education and qualifications

Engineering graduate with major in Electronics & Communication
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