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WorldEscrow group, Continental Market Leader in Qualitative Escrow Services since 1994. We guard business-critical assets & Technology IP through Intelligence-enabled escrow solutions andTrusted Third Party services.




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  • Aug 02, 2016


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WorldEscrow, Continental Market Leader in Qualitative Escrow Services since 1994.
As a Escrow and Information Risk mitigation agency, we guard business-critical assets & Technical IP through intelligence-enabled escrow solutions and a vast array of Trusted Third Party services.

WorldEscrow has chosen to be a grand company, a company of collaborating craftsmen. We believe firmly in delivering custom-made quality. We believe even stronger in mutually beneficial arrangements, for the good of all parties involved. And that way, WE strive to a mutual understanding and the best solution possible, fitted exactly around the customer’s needs. This safeguards the quality of the protection.

As a independent Trusted Third party, we concentrate entirely on active custom made Escrow services, in other words, Escrow includes both compulsory verification of every deposit and tracking of updates and new releases. This safeguards the quality of the deposits. Additionally, we offer a variety of complementary Trusted services and levels of verification.
Our team consists of Escrow specialists, with legal, ICT and Assurance competences. The combination of these expertises gives WorldEscrow a unique position in the market. Whereas most Escrow agents are either legal or technical specialists, we can call ourselves Escrow Experts.

Work history

As an Escrow agency, WorldEscrow guards business-critical assets through Escrow Arrangements and offers a vast array of Trusted Third Party services.

What is it an Escrow agency does?
Escrow is the practice of a trusted third party safeguarding certain critical assets such as, for example, source code, aimed at assuring their conditional availability.
At WorldEscrow, we don’t just safeguard the sources, but we also strive for an optimal quality of the assigned resources by verifying that every deposit is – at the very least – complete.
In other words, the deposits are verified and tested. Updates of the technical aspects and IP are repeatedly requested. After the test phases a report will be send to all parties involved and the deposits are brought into secure custody in several secret vaults.
This way usefulness and transfer-ability of the deposit are guaranteed.

Education and qualifications

We provide a broad range of Technical Escrow services:
Source Code, SaaS Software, Data, Industrial, ASP / BPO, Website, Investment, Internet, Archiving, ...
In addition we offer :
Independent Trusted Party services :
Business Continuity planning, GDPR Compliance, Recovery planning, ISO 2700x audits, Quality Control, knowledge management, ...

WorldEscrow is Microsoft Approved Escrow Partner for MS Dynamics.
WorldEscrow is the single Partner ATOS IP Rights WorldWide



We have for each Escrow service a separate datasheet ( Source code, SaaS, Archive, .... )
For specific audiences who might be interested, we have letters of interest on Escrow topics :
Legal Counselors, Startups, Investors, Financial Trade Escrow, Software Developers, Procurement, ...
WorldEscrow group has premises in the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria and a global network of local representatives.
Visit us : http://www.worldescrowgroup.com
mailto : info at worldescrow.biz

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