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  • Tsukamoto

    Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

    Engineer 1, Over 30 years working history for the u.s. based global IT companies as a service professional in T...

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    Alex Ai

    Trademark Agent Patent & Trademark prosecution & Litigation

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    Paola Correal

    Lawyer Commercial lawyer with Administrative skills

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    John Behles

    Patent Attorney My practice focuses on United States and International patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competi...

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    Kevin Rieffel

    Patent Attorney Kevin is a registered patent attorney with experience in patent protection, prosecution and litigation...

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    Jesse Pakin

    IP Broker Domain-Driven Developer, Cathedral Thinker

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    Mohamed S El Deeb

    Lawyer Senior Legal Associate at ALAjeel, AlTattan, ALBisher & Partners Law Firm "ATB & Partners"

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    Maria Gabriela (Mona) Pembrey

    Translator I am a native Spanish speaker with fluent English and I also speak good Portuguese. I have been livin...

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    Mohit Yadav

    IP Consultant Evolving with a holistic approach realizes his strength by working on international platforms; aware o...

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    Xinfei Feng

    IP Consultant ZengRui Law Firm Shaanxi Zengrui Law Firm is the first and the only one approved by the State Intel...