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  • Db09e5e79a

    Bernard Donefer

    Subject Matter Expert Bernard Donefer enjoyed a 35-year career as an executive and consultant in the international financial...

  • C382db47c8

    Maximiliano Marzetti

    Lawyer Multilingual (EN, ES, IT, PR) economics-minded lawyer & scholar (IP, Competition, ADR). I wear many hats.

  • Adam bagwell

    Adam Bagwell

    Patent Attorney Intellectual Property Law Attorney, USPTO-registered Prior to getting my Juris Doctorate, I worked ...

  • Img 0266

    Juan Antonio Castan Aban

    Translator I am a freelance translator with a degree in Translation and Interpretation (M.A.) and I am looking fo...

  • Tsukamoto

    Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

    Engineer 1, Over 30 years working history for the u.s. based global IT companies as a service professional in T...

  • 57cac89594

    Alex Ai

    Trademark Agent Patent & Trademark prosecution & Litigation

  • Cc67e988c9

    Rudolf Leška

    Lawyer Attorney-at-law with multi-jurisdictional academic and legal experience providing legal support in Eng...

  • Hankfasthoff

    Hank Fasthoff

    Lawyer I have a wide and varied practice in the fields of intellectual property, sweepstakes, advertising, e-...

  • A92d48ed3a

    Zhi Ling Zeng

    Patent Attorney Australian Patent & Trade Mark Attorney; New Zealand Patent Attorney

  • 7f32d3d725

    Viara Van Raad

    IP Consultant I am currently a Patent Examiner at the Intellectual Property Australia (IP Australia). I work in the ...