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  • 30873dc

    Hajime Fujita

    Patent Attorney Current: A professional patent attorney in Japan, specialized in Machine Learning and various informa...

  • C79fd9f014

    Fritz Wetzel

    Patent Attorney Partner, Patentanwalt, European Patent Attorney Scheele Wetzel

  • Ab6d4136fa

    Philip Barnes

    Patent Attorney Experienced UK and European Patent Attorney with in-house experience in the defence industry and signi...

  • 654f1e0651

    Virginia Nichols

    Patent Attorney I am experienced at patent, trade mark and design prosecution and maintenance, as well as rights enfor...

  • Kimura

    Shinya Kimura

    Patent Attorney Japanese Patent Attorney Specialties: - Patent/trademark prosecution - Patent litigation - Strat...

  • 869445e210

    Masashi Moriwaki

    Patent Attorney Patent and Trademark Attorney, Japan * Certified to Practice IP Litigation MORIWAKI IP, P.C. / Offi...

  • De449edbf6

    Oliver Schornack

    Patent Attorney German and European Patent Attorney with experience in the technical fields of electrical engineering,...

  • Joseph zito

    Joseph Zito

    Patent Attorney If someone has stolen your idea, infringed your patent or copied your intellectual property,...

  • 018

    Robert Iussa

    Patent Attorney Robert Iussa operates his own Intellectual Property boutique law firm. His real world experience ...

  • 62e0161d68

    Sebastian Tegethoff

    Patent Attorney Dedicated to Intellectual Property