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  • Steven weinrieb


    Patent Attorney Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Design Patent Application Preparation and P...

  • 899a6e92b7

    Oliver Baldus

    Patent Attorney Schwarz and Baldus LLP is skilled on the prosecution and litigation of patents in the field of electro...

  • 55b1321fa8

    William Mansfield

    Patent Attorney I am registered to practice patent law in all 50 states by the USPTO & am admitted to practice law in ...

  • 0ddf21443b

    Oleksandr Bragarnyk

    Patent Attorney Bragarnyk & Partners IP Law firm was started in 2008. Today B&P IP is one of the leading IP firms in U...

  • F6f5cc225e

    Ian Wishart

    Patent Attorney IP Insurance

  • 172fa4cd9d

    Chen (Peter) Huang

    Patent Attorney IP Attorney having 3 years of engineering experience and 6 years of IP legal experience in U.S. and Ta...

  • F7ab0d048a

    Martin Schweiger

    Patent Attorney Schweiger & Partners, Munich-Singapore

  • 916f1c9019

    Todd Alder

    Patent Attorney Todd strives to provide clients with excellent legal service relating to the protection of intellectu...

  • 23db950144

    Taylor Norton

    Patent Attorney Taylor M. Norton is a registered patent attorney and an engineer with extensive experience covering al...

  • B462340dfb

    Phillip Price

    Patent Attorney I am a Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney working at Dehns, one of Europe's largest firms of pa...