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    Phillip Price

    Patent Attorney I am a Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney working at Dehns, one of Europe's largest firms of pa...

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    Ian Rourke

    Patent Attorney With a practice that focuses on the drafting and prosecution of patent applications throughout the wor...

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    Mehmet Enes YILDIRIM

    Patent Attorney Assisting clients in IP matters as a Patent Attorney; drafting and prosecuting patent applications; ev...

  • Steven weinrieb

    Steven Weinrieb

    Patent Attorney Mechanical Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Mechanical Searching - Novelty, Infringemen...

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    Martin Schweiger

    Patent Attorney Schweiger & Partners, Munich-Singapore

  • D50c0b8989

    Hiroshi Higuchi

    Patent Attorney Hiroshi Higuchi is a founder of Allegro IP Law Firm, which was established separating from a long esta...

  • 7327f4512a


    Patent Attorney A Global Standard in IP for a Competitive Entrepreneurial World BILL HULSEY LAWYER - PATENT - IP - ...

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    Alla Hakhnazaryan

    Patent Attorney Alla Hakhnazaryan is a Partner at Legelata CJSC, which provides a wide diversity of services in differ...

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    Ed Sherman

    Patent Attorney As a patent attorney, I strive to help my clients to identify, protect and exploit their valuable inte...

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    Todd Alder

    Patent Attorney Todd strives to provide clients with excellent legal service relating to the protection of intellectu...