Turning waste into infrastructure.
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High concept pitch

Imagine one day to walk on the street of your own town and that street to be made from waste.
The same waste that the community has made. Bringing impact for the local community, lower C02 emissions for production, transportation and recycling. In a way that the “un-recyclable” plastic and construction waste has been transformed into meaningful infrastructural material.

Our first product is a paver, but we will expand to a whole range of building products. Our customers will be focused mainly in B2B construction companies, developers, architectural beuros, but also B2G partnering with municipalities and B2C homeowners.
The World starts to awaken and more and more laws and legislation are forcing the constructor and developers to incorporate more and more recycled products in their projects. We are here to help them. Using our products, the projects will not only be very durable and strong, but will also help with the waste reduction problem.

Our long-term goal is to create a mobile factory that can fit in a shipping container. Our aim to form a whole society and network around our it and give the tool to the people in order to be able to produce building materials wherever is needed.

Product information

Our first product is the paver. It is produced from 97 % recycled materials (plastic, sand, mining by-products), it is also 3 times lighter compared to a normal concrete paver.
The great thing about the material is that by changing the mould, a whole range of products like tiles, bricks, facade profiles can be produced.
At this moment we are developing a two2 layer version of our paver. Our product is a high end paver and it can be used in public spaces with high pedestrian traffic, be stronger, have longer guarantee and have beautiful natural look and feel.,


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Founders information

Who are we?

Wasteful is founded on the belief that recycled products should be simply beautiful, geeky, functional and always provoking actions towards ourselves and our Earth.

Why are we doing this?

The aim of Wasteful is to provide locally produced recycled building materials to architectural bureaus, developers, construction companies and individuals, by transforming waste into building materials that lasts and has astonishing functional and visual properties.