SpinSwitch Technol.

Venture with the IP of the ROTARY RAIL SWITCH invention

High concept pitch

SpinSwitch Technologies is an innovation firm holding and managing all patents and trademarks associated to the Rotary Rail Switch invention (branded as SpinSwitch®).

SpinSwitch® is a globally patented multi-ways rail/track switching mechanism, characterized:
· by the energetic efficiency and operating speed of its rotary dynamics,
· and by its simplicity, versatility, and wide range of usability (applicable to mono/multi-railed tracks, to supporting/suspended vehicles, to traditional/rail-wrapping wheels-assemblies, to diverge/merge/cross-points, and to a wide variety of tridimensional track-switching configurations).

Disruption potential of this innovation in the Transportation, Amusement Rides and Industrial Automation markets is significant, as it may imply a revolutionary technological contribution:
· to improve traditional railways switching,
· to enhance industrial automated conveyor systems
· to boost passengers-capacity in amusement rides,
· and to facilitate the definitive implementation of incipient revolutionary transport solutions.

SpinSwitch® is protected by a family of 40 patents (27 granted and 13 pending) with a global coverage of circa 90% of worldwide GDP.