EcoLawn Aerator Inc.

Opportunity for Worldwide Distribution Deal for New Eco-Product
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High concept pitch

IP Nexus Members, EcoLawn Aerator is offering a Potentially Profitable Opportunity
of Purchasing and/or Licensing the Worldwide Distribution Rights for up to 120 Countries or any Single or
Combination of Countries for a Reasonable Negotiated Price and Terms to be discussed with your Company.

The Patent Pending & Licensable Products are EcoLawn Aerator's Line of Contractor Grade Core Lawn Aerators
per PCT Patent Application PCT/CA2021/051199 and include Two Production Models with Sales in Canada
and Two More Powered Prototype Models and a Complete Set of CAD Models, Drawings, Part Specifications and More.

Please review my New Product Materials and contact me if you wish to discuss a Business Arrangement for
the Proven Performance and Cost Effective Lawn Core Aerators which have been Successfully Test Marketed
in Canada in 2022 & 2023 with Customers Purchasing Aerators in 14 Cities to date.
The PCT Patent Application was prepared by a Professional Engineer who is also a Patent Attorney in Toronto, Canada.
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To Access the Published PCT Application use: WO 2022/040814


Bruce Avery

Bruce Avery is the inventor who has filed a Utility Patent Application for the EcoLawn Aerator In...


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