Find an awesome pet sitter

High concept pitch

When we are travelling for business or pleasure, our cats, dogs, or other pets do not always have a good experience – often sent to live in a cage or kennel. "Is there any other choice?" This is what I have been asking myself.

Petsodia as born out of a desire for pet owners to help each other, as pet lovers. Pet lovers can use the Petsodia website to connect, earn money, and take care of other owners’ pets from their own home. Or find pet sitters, who will offer their pets a good home, while they are away.

As a pet owner, you can:
Find a pet-sitter, to take care of your pet while you are away.
Connect or socialize with other pets owners and post your cutie photos on our "Pet wall."
Earn income as a “pet-sitter”. If you really like this, you can be a full time "pet-sitter" working from home.

This is Entrepreneurship! You can earn RM 35-60 per day if you can take care of other's pet from your home, you can even earn more if you would like to take 2-3 pets altogether.

Come and join us now, and give your pets a pleasant vacation too, while you are having yours!