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Live in one of the most thriving places in the world. Look for beautiful and spacious properties to buy or rent in Hong Kong. Spacious changes the way property search works using our extensive network, innovative solutions, and unwavering passion to make the process easier than ever.

Spacious is not your ordinary listing site. We lead the industry in many ways and set the bar high to deliver a unique searching experience. We feature the most sought-after Hong Kong homes, apartments, and private housing estate units in prime locations across the country. Our comprehensive listing includes spaces in upscale residential areas, prominent high-rises, and high-end developments outside the business districts.

What truly sets us apart from the rest is the services we deliver. Apart from giving you access to an extensive selection of properties, we give you complete and relevant information about houses and flats that you can use to make sound decisions.

Spacious provides user-friendly tools to help you navigate through our massive listings with relative ease. Our complete building and neighbourhood guides give you more insights about the area. We strive to make your browsing experience tailored to your preferences using advanced technologies.Take a tour of our site and discover the top Hong Kong homes and apartments waiting for you. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry.