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High concept pitch

SmartNews is the award-winning, addictively simple mobile news app loved by millions. We are a machine-learning company deeply committed to helping users find quality news.

Our algorithms evaluate over 10 million articles, behaviors and signals to deliver only the most interesting and important stories—impartially—on a global scale. Our unique, publisher-friendly approach supports sustainable journalism by generating traffic to publishers’ websites and enabling them to keep 100% of article ad revenue.

SmartNews won numerous “App of the Year” awards in Japan and is consistently ranked as a top 5 News App for Android and iOS in the US. With over $50M in funding from Atomico, Gree and Globis Capital Partners, SmartNews has offices in Tokyo, San Francisco and New York.


Vincent Chang

- PR and strategy for companies such as: Netvibes, LendingClub, Jolicloud, MySpace, AgendiZe, Mos...


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