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High concept pitch

Pay at your favorite Restaurant, Café, Supermarket or Gas station with your Mobile. Get awards from merchants while you are at it.

Pre-order and pay, in advance by “Checking In” to the location without being there! For instance you can buy a cup of coffee and a sandwich 5-10 min prior to arriving at the cafe. When arriving, your order is ready and you can pick it up without standing in line! Perfect for morning or lunch rush hour!

Scan the QR code at your table. You are now "checked in" to the merchant location and the specific table where your waiter has opened a bill for you
Option to call the waiter to your table and leave feedback on the service levels.

See your current order and order additional dishes from the restaurant menu available directly in Zash
Use your Payment & Loyalty cards digitally stored in the Zash App to get discounts and Pay when you are ready to “Check Out”.
That’s it you’re done! Use Zash App regularly to look for promos and offers from your favorite merchants. Your receipts are always digitally available in the Zash App.