Update your clients on project progress, before they come asking
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High concept pitch

Keep your clients updated on project progress in a single place, in advance of them needing to ask for it. Let them provide feedback early on, so that you can work in peace for longer, while preventing frustrating experiences on both sides. At the same time, you can ask for more information as you need it, without interrupting your flow figuring it out. You always see what the client has agreed to already, and they understand precisely how you're going to go about it, no need for lengthy back and forth exchanges on a constant basis.

Founders information

Why are we doing this?

Working as a freelancer can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you and your client have different understanding of a project. Worse still, your client may not even know what they want yet. provides a simple timeline, where you can let you clients know, once YOU are ready, what part of a project you're currently working on, so they don't have to e-mail you.