Allegro IP Law Firm

The Door into Japanese Patent

High concept pitch

Allegro IP Law Firm was established separating from a long established Japanese IP law firm which was founded in 1973. We have streamlined the firm’s system and strategy to exclusively focus on patent matters in Japan for foreign clients, so that we can provide our best services to clients in a timely, high quality, and cost effective manner.

In particular, among numerous Japanese law firms, our firm is a unique boutique IP law firm that carries out the missions of supporting the most advanced companies and universities across the world in obtaining patent protection in Japan. To this end, we have been working with foreign associates and/or directly with foreign clients, including individual inventors, OTLs, laboratories, R&D departments, etc., to understand cutting-edge research and to contribute to their patent protection. Further, we cooperate with some laboratories at a leading university to stay abreast of the latest findings.

In addition, we believe that our service fees are competitive among Japanese firms. It is our understanding that the startup companies and universities sometimes create inventions which are not directly linked to business initially but are potentially valuable, and therefore, we wish to keep the prosecution costs in Japan to be charged to our clients to a minimum.


Hiroshi Higuchi

Hiroshi Higuchi is a founder of Allegro IP Law Firm, which was established separating from a long...