Scenario Party

Whats your Scenario?
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High concept pitch

For over 10 years, Scenario Photography has produced custom, professional photo shoots at private events of celebrities and Fortune-500 companies across the country. To appreciate the SCENARIO experience, you had to have a connection to a celebrity, or a large company...until now.
We are opening a permanent location in Los Angeles containing a multitude of elaborate SCENARIO sets; professionally built, lit and staffed to make guests look incredible using their own smartphones. By maintaining the quality standards of SCENARIO at a fraction of the cost by using permanent installations and advanced lighting technology, we will bring the SCENARIO experience to the masses.

Product information

Guests pay a flat fee to enter the space, granting them access to over a dozen sets and up to two hours to take as many pictures as they want. A quick orientation is given to enhance the experience, optimize photo quality and give guests a chance to download our proprietary app. Entry is limited to 40 guests per hour to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure the optimum experience. Scenario crew will be on-site to assist guests as needed.

Pricing information

Companies understand the impact of social media on product branding. Based on market research, Scenario Party expects a minimum of 10,000 guests to attend and engage on each set each month. Guests will be highly motivated to share their photos across social media, leading to tremendous buzz. These posts act as authentic endorsements, increasing the likelihood of future visitors from their connections. Therefore, we are reaching out to potential branding partners who want to take advantage of Scenario Party sponsorship offer.

• Sponsoring a set will start at $15K/month for a 3-month period.
• Additional sponsorship level will be available, including a bar sponsor.


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