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Universal Pump for any fluid

Technology The application of the impeller from the pump; Jet ski,; Sinks, portable, 12, 24V,; Cleaning, industrial stationary, cleaning of tanks etc.; Software houses; The draining of sewage, sewage!; Emergency, fire-fighting equipment; The oil industry pumping; Liquefied gases; Pumping plain water; Pumping of chemically hazardous compounds including radioactive; Dairies and all food industry; WSN (Vertical slurry pump); Pump ship for pumping water Zataevich compartments!; Emergency pumping of fluid in industries, in the basement when floods etc; The water supply for fountains, pools; Recycling of domestic wastewater; Irrigation of orchards and vegetable gardens-offs!!; Drainage system; Pumping unfiltered water from cellars, wells, basements and swimming pools.; Fecal pumps, drainage in agriculture, including pig farms; The pumping of groundwater; District heating plants; Refrigeration unit; Fire extinguishing systems in homes!; In any of these areas, You can escape in the first place using this know-how of the impeller, and no one else will be such an advantage! Attach photos of the pump, it is General drawing, Talitsa comparison with other pumps and the link to the video in YouTube

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