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  • Do people really steal invention ideas?
    I sometimes see questions on forums like Quora about how to stop people stealing your invention idea. Does this happen so often in professional exp...
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  • Is interpretation of known historical facts protectable under copyright law?
    著作権 I am looking for useful sources on protecting copyright. I am in the process of writing a book based on my own new and independent interpretation o...
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  • Fair Use and news feeds
    著作権 What is the current wisdom on compiling news feeds on a third party website so far as copyright is concerned? If the source is clearly cited, is th...
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  • Looking for good patent firm
    特許 How to find a good patent firm to help me apply patent in USA
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  • What constitutes 'prior disclosure'?
    特許 This might be a silly question but I’m a bit confused by ‘prior disclosure’ as it applies to patents application. What exactly constitutes this? Do...
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  • Do I want a lawyer to review a cofounder agreement before I sign it?
    ビジネスフォーメーション My fellow cofounder sent me a 6 page cofounder agreement. While it may look fine to me, I am not experienced with this sort of thing. Should the...
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  • How effective is an NDA in protecting small enterprises?
    契約 Hi. Generally speaking, how effective are NDA agreements in protecting ‘David’ against ‘Goliath’ where a small enterprise is presenting an origina...
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  • Patent protection
    特許 What kind of protection does an Australian patent give in other jurisdictions, if any? If the product is not patented yet in the UK (for example) c...
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  • What kind of NDA is best?
    契約 We’ve been looking at different NDA’s and I have another question. As a new company talking to potential seed investors is there any reason we wou...
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  • Seed funding document preparation
    資金調達 Can anyone give an idea which are the most important documents for a company in case they decide to raise seed funding? Do the investing companies ...
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