Registering a trademark


There are a few questions about trademarks, and the answers seem to indicate that it is best to hire an attorney.

The US Trademarks web site seems to offer specific forms with instructions, and - at least in theory - it seems that it should be possible for a non-lawyer to figure it out.

Is it just that it's very complicated and it takes time to learn? Or are there steps that only a lawyer can do?

My startup will take some time to bring in any money, so I'm trying to limit expenses.


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Steven weinrieb

You can probably do it yourself, but it is probably best to hire a TM attorney - the process, like patents, can be a bit overwhelming for the novice, there are particular forms to file, specimens to fie, you have to watch for deadline dates, if the mark gets rejected, you need to formulate a proper response, there are affidavits to file post registration - it's certainly not impossible to do, but you are probably better off with a TM professional.