How do I find out if a patented invention is being used somewhere?


f a patent is being used by a firm or in any industry, how can I learn if it is actively being used? Meaning, if it is useful or not?

we are very interested in a certain patent. We would like to know if it is widely used and to determine its value.

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Investigating and proving USE of patented entities or processes fuels numerous service industries, e. g. for patent licensing or litigation. The patent proprietor MAY know, from experience and/or Investigation where the patent is used.
USEFULNESS appears to be a different issue.
Is it your interest to buy or licence the patent?
Contact a Patent Attorney whom you like and trust, before your "interest" becomes expensive.
Feel free to contact me.

Steven weinrieb

IMHO, you may be interested to know if the patented invention is being used, and you can probably ask the patent owner if it is being used and by whom, but you also need to ask yourself if the patented technology is useful FOR YOU and what you would be interested in paying for it, either to buy it outright or license the technology.


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