Copied website design - what can we do legally?


Another website company mirrored our design for the same company as their own.

My company designed and developed a custom website for a company. They decided to go with a new web company and the new web company rebuilt the website but used the same design and original artwork from us. They now claim they designed the website. What legal recourse do we have to change this?

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Was there any agreement in place between you and your old client that determined who owned the results of your web development efforts? Did you create the original artwork for the old client, subject to the same agreement? Did your old client pay you for your services? Is the issue that the old client didn't pay you, or that its new web developer is stating that it "designed" the website, whatever that means? More information is needed to provide even a reasonable academic answer, much less a practical one. You should contact a local IP/IT attorney to discuss the potential dispute in private.


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