IP protection for healthcare software


We are developing a healthcare suite software that integrates with major brand wearables and IoT kitchen appliances. The software will use innovative algorithms and other technology that is not on the market yet. We would like to know whether we can/should potentially patent our copyright our product. We have no IP expert in our team, so we don't really know how to approach this issue. We'd be grateful for any advice you could give us!

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You raise two issues: patents and copyright. I would definitely go ahead with one or more patent applications. I recently discussed in my podcast, the state of software and business method patenting in the US (etcounsel.com). Feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss the details.
As regards copyright - it will vest automatically and we can discuss the benefits of registering, but remember that, as the name implies, it protects you only against copying of your code.


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