Protecting our copyright


How can professional designers best protect against unauthorised use of images, especially on the Internet? We have the usual disclaimers etc. but is there anything else we could be doing?


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Images designed and produced by professional designers are intellectual works protected by copyright in most countries of the world, notably through the major multilateral Conventions of Berne (1886) and Geneva (1952) on the protection of copyright, subject to the originality of the said works. If your images are totally or partially reproduced or imitated on the Net or otherwise supports, without your authorization, this means that you are a victim of infringement.

Actions are then possible, especially against the host of the site where the counterfeits of your images appear. This goes from the simple warning of lawyers (by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) to the legal civil/criminal action for infringement before the competent court. The original perpetrator of the infringement may also be prosecuted on a judicial basis and consideration may be given to the place where the infringement occurred or the place of the damage according to the situation. For example, the damage may be suffered in the United Kingdom but from a website hosted in France where the counterfeiter is also located.

Our firm is specialized in international litigation and arbitration and we are perfectly competent to prosecute and translate counterfeiters on the Internet in France before French judges. If you tell us a little more, we can send you an estimate explaining our strategy of actions and our conditions of intervention or even refer you to one of our idoine IP Nexus colleagues who will be able to assist you.

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