Standard Terms for 50/50 founders


I'm in the process of starting up a business with one of my better friends: 50/50. I'm the tech - he's the business.

I truly believe in the idea, and think it has great potential. I'm prepared to bet big and go all-in; however, despite many conversations, I doubt my partner's work ethic, and devotion (simply - he is already set financially). To give him credit, the seed idea was his to begin with. We haven't signed anything yet. Is there anyway I can protect myself (aside from requesting uneven share) so I get fair compensation for my efforts? I've heard enough stories that I just want to legally prepare for the worst case. Regardless what happens, I want to be able to bring the idea to fruition.

The startup is a Canadian video game company. Are there, perhaps, standard milestones for vesting we can use?

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