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  • Copyright Infringement
    Hi, some companies are infringing on my copyrights. What should I do?
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  • How to register our startup trademark
    商標 We are have been developing a personal finance/banking SaaS. Before the official market launch, we would like to register our trademark. Basica...
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  • How does German trade tax/ corporate tax work?
    税務 Hi, we are a UK startup thinking of relocating to Germany. We are still a small team and have been collaborating with German partners for a while. ...
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  • Trademark Statement of Use
    商標 I have filed for a trademark with USPTO and successfully got the Notice of Allowance on four categories. I have asked for a few products and ser...
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  • Non-critical encryption in MVP
    契約 I'm about to launch my application within one month. A Chat room, gathering many users simultaneously is one of my app's features. Is message...
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  • It's the type of law firm a startup works with important?
    ビジネスストラテジー Does having a brand-name law firm matter in incorporating a start-up? Big firms seem to be quite pricey. Does a VC care about which law firm we use...
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  • How do so many startups register domain names similar to existing businesses?
    商標 It seems like many startups are using names that sounds similar to existing companies or brands, but with a .co or .ly domain name. I'd like to kno...
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  • How would I go about copyrighting my app for release and beta testing?
    侵害 I would soon like to publish my app for beta testing and release, my only question is how would I prevent a beta tester from stealing my idea or st...
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  • Does copyright law apply in the country you incorporate in or the country you release in?
    著作権 I've heard Canada has a shorter copyright term than the United States, there are some works that are in the public domain in Canada, but not the Un...
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  • If one founder contributes the IP, should this be reflected in his shares?
    ビジネスフォーメーション We want to found a startup with two co-founders. The other co-founder mainly brings technology to the table. He has been working on a software prod...
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