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  • Independent lawyer or law firm?
    訴訟 How much percentage of a fee reduction is it reasonable to expect from a lawyer working independently compared to a law firm hourly rate (assuming ...
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  • Can an overseas startup copy a US-patented startup?
    特許 If a startup's technology is patented in the US, can a startup in India (or another country) copy the product or tech and then provide services to ...
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  • When to apply for trademark?
    商標 I posted earlier about a green business and if any criteria is needed to describe products as 'green' etc. My next question is at what stage should...
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  • Reciprocal pension agreement UK - Japan
    雇用 I worked for several years in Japan, up to 2008. I have found out that there is a reciprocal pension scheme arrangement with the UK but the online ...
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  • What are the most important issues we should consider for our stock option package?
    雇用 We have been operating in a small team of co-founders and want to start hiring our first employees. What should we focus on when planning their com...
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  • Criteria for describing products as green or env. friendly
    その他 If I describe my business or products as green or eco-friendly do I have to answer any criteria? I want to send a message that my simple, home-made...
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  • Should we incorporate as German UG or UK Ltd?
    ビジネスフォーメーション We would like to start a new company. We are based in Germany, but we - the two founders - are from Australia and the UK. Our first client is loc...
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  • Should we relocate from London to Berlin?
    ビジネスストラテジー Hi! We incorporated three months ago with two co-founders and two additional team members (developers) in the greater London area. Regarding Brexit...
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  • What questions should I ask about my shares in a new business?
    雇用 I have been offered a job in a new internet business as a sales person (UK) The company is starting out and the website is being developed but not ...
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  • Quitting as shareholder
    契約 I am a co-founder of an Inc. I registered the corporation in New York a few years ago and now I want to quit it. How do I do so ? Do I also hav...
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