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  • What are the merits of filing a patent before the end of the grace period?
    特許 I was told that for some patents you have a 1-year grace period before filing them. What would be the reason then to file for a patent before it is...
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  • How can I publish and protect my board game idea?
    その他 How do people usually approach publishing a board game? Is it better to start small or to approach a larger company to partner with? In either cas...
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  • How does due diligence work for a startup's technology?
    特許 Suppose the main value of a startup is a breakthrough technology. It has no revenue, no customers besides early adopters and is purely living off V...
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  • Determining which Law Firm Worked on a Particular Patent Application
    特許 I have invented a secure computing platform that has a large cryptographic component to it and am preparing to apply for patents on my invention. ...
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  • withdrawal of provisional
    特許 Can we withdraw provisional application after publishing of the Complete application?
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  • What happens to the IP when the company is shut down?
    著作権 A startup I know was recently closed down by its investors. What happens to the technology that the startup had developed in this situation? I pres...
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  • How to Sell an Incomplete Mobile App???
    その他 Hello, IPnexus viewers. I hired an app developer to create a Mobile App Game, however, he and I were not seeing eye to eye. I am left with an incom...
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  • Do I need to create two companies to distribute an app to USA and Argentina?
    ビジネスストラテジー I have been working on a simple application that I will offer for free with built in advertising. I am based in the USA and want this app to work f...
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  • Standard Terms for 50/50 founders
    ビジネスフォーメーション I'm in the process of starting up a business with one of my better friends: 50/50. I'm the tech - he's the business. I truly believe in the idea...
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  • IP of closing startup
    契約 Me and my co-founder are about to dissolve our startup company. We have 50-50 partnership and completely self funded. We would like to go our separ...
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