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  • Can participation in online academic competitions destroy patent rights?
    特許 I have developed an algorithm/software that does a specific task. I want to let the algorithm compete in an academic competition, where the code is...
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  • Why is it a mistake to apply for wide patent protection?
    特許 I recently read this online that a common mistake that startup entrepreneurs make is "seeking a wide variety of patent protection that later turns ...
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  • What's a good IP strategy when the budget for patent is limited?
    特許 I'm a researcher at a German university. My team and I would like to commercialize a new kind of technology used in battery production. There will ...
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  • Legal questions in VC meeting
    資金調達 We are meeting with a VC for a potential seed investment. My question is basically, besides all business related stuff, what kind of legal question...
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  • Do we need to change our copyright management under CETA?
    著作権 We are launching an app with a service that streams certain music, podcasts and radio content to smartphone users. I have heard that there will be ...
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  • At what point should we stop offering equity as part of compensation?
    雇用 At my startup there is another co-founder and a few employees, all of whom have some amount of equity in the company. At what point (if ever) in my...
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  • Can employees' stock options be sold?
    I would like to know what are the considerations for buying vested stock options of a privately owned company that still hasn't IPOed. I was to...
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  • Do we need to monitor patents by other companies?
    特許 My question is basically: Do we need to be aware at all times what kind of patents our competitors are filing and if so, how can we do that? We...
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  • Best strategy to collaborate with another startup (US)
    ビジネスストラテジー We are a startup from Hong Kong developing software for VR applications. We are a pretty small team. There is another startup based in the US who i...
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  • How does trademark protection work globally?
    商標 We are establishing a startup and I would like to know how to register our company logo as a trademark to not allow any company to use our logo any...
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