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  • Can we reserve a trademark for our product?
    商標 We are developing our MVP right now and would like to know if there's a way to reserve the trademark rights. As the product is not launched yet and...
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  • How do we pick the right lawyer for us?
    訴訟 Is there any way to find out about the quality of a lawyer and the "fit" with our company before engaging his/her services? We are a small star...
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  • Do we need to follow German legal requirements?
    ビジネスストラテジー Is it necessary to provide legal information in German and according to German legal requirements if we run an online shop based in Germany, but ma...
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  • Registering our startup business
    ビジネスフォーメーション Hello, we are a technology startup based in New York. We have not yet registered our company. What exactly is the procedure to do this? Should we r...
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  • How to handle a potentially frivolous cease and desist letter
    訴訟 Our UK startup has received a cease and desist from a foreign company operating in vaguely the same space, due to both of our names/logos featuring...
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  • Can I start a new company on my own with our current product?
    ビジネスストラテジー I'm a partner in a 50/50 General Partnership in Québec, Canada (S.E.N.C). The partnership was created to eventually own a product we've been develo...
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  • How should I go about quitting the startup I co-founded?
    I am a co-founder of a technology startup based in London. I would like to quit the company to pursue a new project somewhere else. My question is,...
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  • How can a US corporation hire startup employees in Germany?
    雇用 I'm a US citizen living in Berlin, Germany and working for a US-based technology startup.The startup is a US corporation and no foreign entity in G...
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  • Can we get a patent for our software?
    特許 We are developing software for aerial drone surveying & mapping. Our finished product is a great improvement on existing technology especially in a...
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  • What kind of privacy policy should we implement for European customers?
    訴訟 Hello! We are a startup based in New York developing a software product for the Alternative Energy market. We have had a successful initial launch ...
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