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  • How should we prepare for a seed investment?
    資金調達 We have a potential seed investor who has communicated interest in our company. My question the preparation for the investment: how do we prepare 1...
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  • Should we use vesting stock options or restricted stock?
    ビジネスストラテジー I realize that, for small software startups, the future is by far the most compelling incentive. Namely, the goal of making a platform or applicati...
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  • Should I trademark the logo of my B2B SaaS company?
    商標 It's a B2B SaaS product, and it's niche and expensive, offered worldwide. I'm concerned about confusion and false association and also whatever ...
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  • Patent prosecution
    特許 A question regarding prosecution pro se: in the case that a patent application has two inventors and they assign their rights to an organization (L...
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  • How does our developer's day job impact our IP?
    特許 Hi! We are a seed-stage health tech startup based in Colorado. We have a team of four developers, two of them are working only part-time and have a...
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  • How should we prepare for crowd equity funding?
    資金調達 We would like to use crowd equity funding as part of our seed round. How should we best prepare for it in terms of legal documentation and IP prote...
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  • Can we use other fitness brands for our app?
    商標 We are creating a personal fitness app which interfaces with wearables. We have developed one wearable device prototype ourselves, but the all majo...
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  • How do we keep our product private so we can patent it?
    特許 We are working on a product which we want to patent. I know that if the technology gets public we won't be able to get a patent for it. However, as...
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  • How should you structure your startup?
    ビジネスフォーメーション Should you pick a LLC, C Corp or S Corp for a young startup? What are the pro's/con's of each? We are a three people team at a pre-seed stage....
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  • Paperwork required for compensation package
    雇用 I joined a startup 2 1/2 years ago and in the initial offer letter I received, I was promised a certain percentage of equity. It also says that it ...
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