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  • Incentives to hire the best people on a startup budget
    雇用 Hi there! We need to grow our team with software developers and other professionals. However, as a startup, our finances are limited. How can we ma...
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  • Establishing a subsidiary in the EU
    ビジネスフォーメーション Good evening We are interested in setting up a development/liaison office of our company in Europe and we need legal and business advice. Fo...
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  • 3D scanned designs by users – how to use commercially
    契約 Hi there! Very excited about this feature, appreciate any advice! We are a startup from Boston. Our main product (in development) is a new technol...
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  • IP protection for cloud computing technology
    特許 Hi everybody! I work at a startup company based in Taiwan that develops cloud computing technology. We are interested in marketing our products (mo...
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  • best business formation strategy for IT startup
    ビジネスフォーメーション Hello! IPNEXUS has connected me with some really good expert advice! Thank you for that! I now have another question that has come up since we a...
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  • How to protect IP in crowd funding
    資金調達 We have an app project in the making and are now considering crowd funding as an option to secure some early capital to fund the finalization of th...
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  • When to file provisional patent application
    特許 Hello everybody I am working for a company in Japan that exports to the United States and a number of other countries. I want to ask about provi...
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  • Protecting our IP from our developers' employers
    侵害 In our startup we have many people engaged in developing software products and wearables technology who also work for other tech companies in their...
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  • Accountability of marketing/sales team
    ビジネスオペレーション I have previously worked in small startup teams and I have experienced what I would call an imbalance between the accountability of IT/Development ...
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  • How to find a good startup lawyer
    ビジネスフォーメーション We recently founded our startup and are looking for a reliable lawyer to help us with incorporation and fundraising topics. What is the best way to...
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