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  • 3D Printing industry - Returning to industrial services
    ビジネスストラテジー A recent Gartner study stipulates that the hype around consumer-oriented 3D Printing services has reached its peak. Many startups in the 3D Printin...
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  • Best location for company
    ビジネスフォーメーション We (startup) are looking for the best location to form our company. Which country is best? Is it a good idea to have Cayman islands corporation wit...
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  • UK patented product produced in China
    特許 If a patented product of ours is produced by another company in China (no patent) without a licence and sold to one of our UK competitors operating...
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  • wearables production and IP protection
    ビジネスストラテジー Silicon Valley shows a trend towards wearables. We (startup) also want to join that market. We are currently looking for a good production chain...
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  • Valuation of our IP
    資金調達 Hello! As part of our preparation for starting a financing round, I would like to know more about methods to appraise our intellectual property. Do...
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  • Arbitration of Patent Disputes
    訴訟 Hello, I would be interested in arbitration as an alternative means of dispute resolution in patent-related disputes. Apparently this is quite a c...
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  • Tax incentives for IT startups
    税務 As a company in the startup phase, are there any tax incentives or exemptions we can benefit from significantly? We are based in Colorado, but movi...
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  • European Patent
    特許 We are based in the UK and have not yet gained patent protection for our technology. I have heard that there will be an option to apply for a E...
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  • When to file a patent?
    特許 Thank you for providing this great platform! And thank you in advance for your responses! I am interested in when to file a patent application. ...
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  • Software patent protection in Brazil
    特許 We are a Japanese company planning to expand our export business to a partner in Brazil. Is there a way to gain patent protection for software whic...
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