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  • Process for contesting patent application
    特許 A friend wants to contest a patent application in Taiwan on the grounds of prior art. Is legal help required, or can he just contact the Taiwan pat...
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  • We want to start a shared office for creative startups.
    その他 Hello, We are interested in starting revenue shareing, freemium model based open/closed shared offices for those creative small startup compan...
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  • PCT National Phase in Panama
    特許 Hello!. Does anybody filed a national phase PCT patent application in Panama?. If so how has been your experience with the PTO and deadlines?
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  • Confidential translation of our sensitive documents
    技術翻訳 We need to translate sensitive documents into Spanish. The content relates to our technology and is highly confidential. How can we ensure it remai...
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  • Can you patent software?
    特許 I am developing new software and have been told it will be difficult to patent a software invention. Is it true?
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  • Is my patent valid in every country?
    特許 I have patented my invention in Japan. Is it protected in other countries?
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  • How does my patent protect my invention?
    特許 I have a US patent for producing imprints in silver jewelry. Another company is copying my idea (my previous employee.) Can I stop her from using m...
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  • Do I need a patent for my invention right now?
    特許 I am a qualified electrician and have created a new device for energy efficiency in the home. I have not shared the idea with anyone yet but it is...
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