Save Search Time with Evernote Web Clipper


Use this tool to tremendously save time when you are looking for something that you have recently seen on the Web.

This happens to me often: when I read a book or an on-line article I'll forget most of it within hours. Within a week, 95% or even more will be gone.

And I realize that, as I get older, I remember less. It's as if my brain were a filled-up hard disk drive. To add any more files, I must overwrite old ones. Unfortunately, I cannot choose which file will be overwritten.

The Internet overcomes some of this. What would I do without the Google search tool? But how to save the information that solved my problem? Print it or store it as pdf files in a folder system? That works but it takes a long time.

There is a software out there that helps people with my problem to overcome it: It is called EverNote.

How Evernote helps you

The software is ingenious. It lets you type in or copy/paste information on a kind of digital scroll. The scroll is time-based. You can add key words to help you recall the topic and you can define categories for your notes to more easily find them.

Evernote integrates into all web browsers, and then you can download any webpage (Save As...) to a cloud storage area, just in case the Web page disappears some day. If I find an online article I want to keep, I click a I use the Evernote Web Clipper button on my menu bar, and the article is saved in my free Evernote account. Any advertisement is removed. I can add tags -- memory-jogging words or phrases -- and I get the entire article forever. It even saves the link to the page. I can retrieve it in a matter of seconds.

I also use Evernote to keep personal notes and To-Do lists, and this makes it even more useful for me.

Searching in Evernote is a breeze. Evernote lets you use as many search terms as you want and it allows you Boolean searches to narrow down your selection.

Evernote comes with a small price

There is a free version which loads you with advertising and there are two paid versions without advertising, of which I am using the (cheaper) “premium” version. The premium version also allows me to store and search in PDFs and Windows Office docs, and it synchronizes over multiple devices. I am using it on my smartphone and my two desktop computers, at home and at work. I use Evernote on a daily basis and I cannot imagine to live without it any more.

Are there similar free programs around?

There is free similar program, OneNote, that comes with Windows 10. But OneNote is not as good for clipping Web pages as Evernote is. There are lots of reviews that compare them, check out this link

The most important disadvantage is that backing up OneNote is not straight-forward.

How to speed up using Evernote

Here is an online course in Evernote that shortens your learning curve:

Evernote is a tool that constantly saves me a lot of time. If it works for me, it may also help you.

Martin “where is this article again” Schweiger

Visit my site,, for the latest information on tips and tricks that help IP lawyers saving time and money.

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