A Free Software that Saves you One or even Two entire Work Days, every Year


I don't know whether you like it when you get a new computer.

I don't like it when I get a new computer.

Customizing a new computer is always troublesome. With a new computer, there is always something else to configure again, and during a transfer from an old computer to a new computer, there is always something lost. And you would only find out what is lost after the old computer is scrapped.

It usually takes me one or two working days to be back in full swing, after getting a new computer.

I simply hate it to get a new computer

Here is how I am avoiding this, year after year.

Analysis: why we Usually get a New Computer

We all usually get new computers because the hard drive is too small. We are also promised that the new

computer is faster, but that is something that I cannot confirm.

I would not change my old computer even for a faster one if only the old one is still running perfectly. All the programs that I am using, mostly simple office software, do not require a fast computer. I can work fast with a slow computer.

The consequence of that is that I tend to live with my computers for a very long time. Usually until something breaks that cannot easily be replaced. Only then will I get a new computer.

As a result of that, I have used my old office desktop computer for seven (7) years. I bought my home desktop computer eight (8) years ago, and I am happily using it today when I am writing this little article.

So back to the full hard drive. I would never buy a new computer just because the hard drive is full. If I need additional storage, I get an additional hard drive for my data.

But that does not solve the problem that if hard drive C: is full, the Windows operating system then slows down seriously. The computer then becomes seriously slow.

What to Do when the Hard Drive is Full

When a full hard drive C: happens, in my case usually once per year, I don`t get the hard drive or even the computer changed. I will then clean my hard drive, using the free software WizTree.

In short words, a full hard disk C: is NOT a reason for me to change my computer.

I will not need to spend two days of my work time for configuring a new computer.

Locating and deleting obsolete files with WizTree is fast.

WizTree is a free application for scanning your hard drive and finding out what folders and files are taking up the most room. You can then delete first those folders on hard drive C: with that chunk of unused data that takes most of the space.

I have found a short explainer video of WizTree. It is here.



If you have freed enough space on your hard drive C:, you don't need a new computer.

That wisdom has saved me a lot of life time over the past twenty (20) years.

At least two months of accumulated work time, if not more.

Martin “my old computer is fast enough” Schweiger

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Martin Schweiger