Patent Drafting: How to Convert a Gray-Scale Computer Image into a Black & White Drawing, in only 5 Minutes. Using Freeware


We all know this problem: an invention disclosure contains a gray-scale computer image. We need to convert it into a black & white line drawing before we can use it for a patent application.

The picture above illustrates what needs to be done.

I am using the free FotoSketcher software for that, and these are the steps to do so in a very short time:

  • download FotoSketcher software at and start it,

  • open the gray-scale image on your computer. Best is to start from a digital image supplied by the inventor and not from a scan of a printed gray-scale image

  • use the Windows snipping tool to cut out the gray-scale figure and paste it (press CTRL-V) into the FotoSketcher software

  • Select “Pencil Sketch 2 (b&w)”

  • Experiment with “darken/lighten”, “edge threshold”, “edge intensity” and “stroke length” parameters,

  • Store the result

  • edit the result on your computer OR print the result and continue manually (which is what I prefer)

I have recorded a short screencast video about the above steps for you, here.

This video is part of the Patent Drafting Courses on my webpage

By-the-way, it is most time-saving if you let your assistant do this type of work.You can use the above video to teach him or her how to do this.

Martin “Better and Faster Patent Drawings” Schweiger

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Martin Schweiger