Preparing for the New Year: Annual Routine Things to Do right after Christmas


This is what I do according to my own annual end-of-the-year checklist:

  • verify and update my contact info at my online services, such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. according to the password list in my digital password vault

  • verify and update my contact info at my domain name registrar. And while there, I check to make sure I have not missed renewing important domain names.

  • verify and update my contact info at my web hosting account. While there, I make sure that my credit card on file has a valid expiration date.

  • verify that email messages from all my different websites are forwarded to my main email account.

  • verify that accesses to my numerous shell Internet domains are forwarded to the right real webpages.

  • verify that all my data files are still being automatically synchronized to my cloud storage providers Google Files and Dropbox.

  • I don't use the copyright year feature, but if your own webpage has this feature, update the copyright year. Legally, the copyright year feature has no relevance at all, but it looks outdated if you leave an old year there.

  • I take out my todo task list from Evernote and prepare a list of achievements of the past year. I also update this todo list by removing those tasks that were achieved or became obsolete.

  • now this goes deeper: I update my list of blessings in my life, also kept in Evernote. This list helps me when I encounter setbacks in my life.

  • now this goes much deeper: I update my own obituary, also kept in Evernote. Keeping my obituary up-to-date helps me to focus on the main goals in my life. It is so easy to get side-tracked without that list, and it reminds me that I have only limited time left in my life.

Doing the above positions me to be ready for the adventures that the New Year is sure to bring.

Merry Christmas!

Martin "optimist" Schweiger

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Martin Schweiger