Why IP lawyers and Patent Attorneys should often Publish Articles on LinkedIn


The year of 2018 is almost over and I have published so far 99 articles on LinkedIn.

I benefitted a lot from writing these 99 articles.

First, writing an article in a particular subject matter makes it easier to write and publish more articles in those same areas in the future.

Second, writing articles in certain subject matters creates all sorts of ancillary opportunities, from supporting marketing efforts, to answering FAQs, and I also receive new inquiries for work over LinkedIn.

Third, writing articles on subjects beyond my core expertise improves my research skills, broadens my knowledge base, and provides a welcome variety.

Fourth, should you write 50 articles or more, people will view you as prolific and for some odd reason be impressed by this, so it becomes a useful professional credential.

The lesson is this: I just don't consider the one opportunity for writing an article before me. I consider the many opportunities it could lead to me.

If it works for me, it may also work for you.

Martin "If the shot can get you into position for the next one, take it" Schweiger

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Martin Schweiger