Message for the New Year 2019: Be Young & Be Blessed!


I found the following text somewhere in the Internet. It is said to go back to Cesar Marcus Aurelius who lived in the third century of the past Millenium:

Be Young! 

Youth is not a period of life, but an Attitude of Mind; it is an Expression of the Will, of the Power of the Imagination, and of the Intensity of the Feeling. It represents the Victory of Courage over cowardice, of the Spirit of Adventure over the temptations of indolence. 

We do not grow Old because we have lived for a certain number of years; we grow Old if we give up our ideals. The passing years indeed tempt us to give up our high ideals, but the soul prompts us otherwise. Prejudices, doubts, fears and hopelessness are enemies who gradually bear us to the ground, and turn us to dust before we are dead. 

He is Young, Who can still be Astonished and Enthusiastic. He who still, like a Child hungry for knowledge, asks: "And then?" He who Challenges Events and Rejoices in the Game of Life. 

You are as Young as your Faith. As old as your doubt. As Young as your Self-confidence. As Young as your Hope. As old as your depression. 

You will stay Young as long as your Readiness to Take up a Challenge remains: receptive to the Beautiful, the Good and Great; receptive to the message of Nature, of your Fellow Man, of the Mysterious.

Should your heart one day become corroded by pessimism, eaten away by cynicism, then may God have mercy on Your soul — the soul of an Old man. 

Message: How to be Young until You Die

Youth is

  • an Attitude of Mind,

  • an Expression of the Will, of the Power of the Imagination, and of the Intensity of the Feeling, and

  • a Victory of Courage and of the Spirit of Adventure. 

He is Young, who

  • can still be Astonished and Enthusiastic,

  • like a Child hungry for knowledge, asks: "And then?"

  • Challenges Events, and

  • Rejoices in the Game of Life. 

You are as Young as

  • your Faith,

  • as your Self-confidence, and

  • as your Hope.

You will stay Young as long as your Readiness to Take up a Challenge remains:

  • receptive to the Beautiful, the Good and Great; and

  • receptive to the message of Nature, of your Fellow Man, of the Mysterious.

How this Applies to Me in 2019

My plan is to drive my own firm Schweiger & Partners further towards automation, improving our paper-less filing system by adding a process control component, which also links with our accounting software and our CRM software.

I will further professionalize our firm´s management structure, getting away from the old-style personality centered approach, and towards a responsibility centered approach. This is what we teach our clients, and this is why we also walk our own talk.

I will also grow my personal webpage, further working on my calling to produce materials that will help to guide bright young people through the mine fields that the IP profession has. Here they can find what to read, how to negotiate their prices and what conferences to attend. I will show them some practical tricks and other useful stuff. This page is also helpful for seasoned Patent Attorneys and IP lawyers who are looking for ways to save time and increase their productivity. 

One of my scientific projects is to further develop a patent drafting robot, together with Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. This tool will help to ultimately cut patent drafting costs by 80%, making it affordable for small entities like startup companies.

Apart from that, I have a few big and more small legal cases going on, many of them with very interesting new questions, such as "what makes an enabling disclosure in a patent application?". I am waiting for a landmark decision from the Singapore Appeal Court to be issued: is an innocent local freight forwarder a trademark infringer?

And I will try to further push my powerlifting performance. My next goals are squats with 200kg, bench press with 140kg, and deadlifts with 220kg.

The Purpose of these Goals

All these goals take courage, faith in God, will, and imagination, and they will promote my faith in God, self-confidence, and hope. 

 And as a result, they will keep me young.

If this works for me, it may also work for you.

Call to Action

Be encouraged and set up your own list of goals.

Choose goals that make sure that you will leave your workplace better than you found it.

For recording and maintaining your goals, use the Evernote software on your smartphone

Don´t wait.

Do it now.

Martin "forever young" Schweiger

Visit my site,, for the latest information on tips and tricks that help IP lawyers saving time and money.

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Martin Schweiger