You Are Advising A Startup Company In Intellectual Property (IP) Matters


You have chosen a very difficult task.

Advising Startup Companies is one of the most difficult areas in IP.

My webpage provides you with materials for a holistic approach, covering all aspects of problems of companies in such an early stage. Often you will have to look into bare survival issues before you can look closer into IP issues.

Before you start advising in this area, find out why startups usually fail. Take this course here:

Find out more about the personalities of the respective startup founders. Not everyone can be an Entrepreneur. A short introduction is found here:

The bigger part of the success of a startup is determined by its successful marketing. You can provide the best product or service in the world, it does not help if nobody knows it. An introduction into this area is found here

Please note that Intellectual Property (IP) must always be synchronized with the marketing efforts of a startup company. Course #10 of my Patent Strategy Basic course explains this for the area of patents. This applies in principle to all IP rights.

Learn more about the tools in an IP lawyer´s toolbox. You find a short introduction into IP rights here

Learn more about NDAs and why they seldom work in practice. You find more about NDAs here

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Martin Schweiger