Qualifying Examination (QE) Forum Posts


My blog has six (6) Q&A Forums for patent attorney candidates at EPO and IPOS Singapore.

You are encouraged to put there

  • passed papers and the examiners’ comments to them, and
  • your questions to specific test questions.

In your own interest, please note to anonymize any materials such that no hint is given to the respective identity of the person that has put the question there.

A. It will help others greatly if you put your passed exam paper there, together with the examiners’ comments to it.

B. Your questions are also very helpful to others.

You may post any question in the Q&A forums, but I recommend that you stick to a specific format.

For any new question, create a “New Topic”.

1. In the new post, first state the URL to the test paper to which are referring, e.g. “SG 2018, Part D, https://www.ipos.gov.sg/docs/default-source/default-document-library/qualifying-examination-2018.zip?sfvrsn=0

2. Then copy/paste the test question, the model answer, and your test answer

3. If available, then copy/paste the QE examiners comments to your test answer

4. put your question there

5. wait for replies

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